Booking Appointments On Line

On Line Booking of Appointments

A secure online system that is integrated with our practice appointments

Through the on-line system you can:

To use the online facilities, you simply log into the website. The service is free to our registered patients over 16 years of age and is available day and night, up to 365 days a year.

Confidentiality and Security
Information sent to the booking system is encrypted. This means that messages you send cannot be intercepted or read by others, and only you and the Practice are able to see your personal information.

Personal information belonging to patients who do not request an online booking account will not be accessible over the internet. Your other medical information will not be accessible. If you change your mind, you can ask for your account to be deactivated at any time.

Requesting your online account details
If you wish to use online booking you must sign up for the service please. You need to simply request this from the receptionist who will print off the instructions to register.

If you have difficulties registering your account, please contact us.




Booking or Cancelling an appointment
Each available internet appointment is 10 minutes long. If you require a longer time (e.g. for an insurance or DVLA medical) or need an URGENT appointment please phone 01993 822176 to discuss your requirements with a receptionist.

You can view or cancel your current appointments, and choose from a selection of pre-bookable appointments online.

All our patients are welcome to book with any of our doctors. Please be aware that only a certain selection of appointments are available for booking online - if you can't find what you need, please phone us on 01993 822176. Appointments with the Practice Nurses and  blood tests must be booked over the phone.

If you wish to cancel an appointment for any reason please do so as soon as possible. You can cancel online or by phoning 01993 822176. If you do not attend an appointment you have booked it will be recorded in your medical record, and we may take action against patients who fail to attend their appointments.

Changing your contact details
If you change your address, phone number or mobile, or other contact details please let us know as soon as possible. People often forget to inform us and the problem is only discovered when we attempt to contact you in an emergency!

Medication / Allergies / Vaccination
You can also view your repeat medication, allergies and vaccination details via the EMIS ACCESS system